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Windows Password Recovery Beta2

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Reset Windows Password v12.0
Windows media forensic tools and improved interface
Reset Windows Password v11.4
Windows activity timeline, Windows clipboard history, etc.
Windows Password Recovery v14.3
Preliminary support for Windows 11
Outlook Password Recovery v3.2.1
Support for Windows 11 and the latest version of MS Outlook

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Windows Password Recovery Beta2

Windows Password Recovery beta 2 is out. Here's the list of changes:
 Up to 20% speedup in dictionary attack (when mutation option is set on)
 Import from SamInside *.hashes has been fixed and improved significantly
 More properly thread initialization helped to get rid of some unhandled errors
 More sophisticated and deep error handling in recovery engine
 Fixed a problem importing hashes from Lastbit *.winpsw v7 project files
 Fixed a problem when the program was unable to overwrite old batch attack settings
 Fixed a minor bug in Rainbow attack options. Overall table statistics was not updated after a table was deleted from the list.
 Fixed numerous errors in batch attack
 Fixed combined dictionary attack initialization error
 Attack progress (for some attacks) did not work properly
 Added icons to log messages, simple system configuration, color markers
 The user can now remove a batch attack (in batch open dialog)
 Added extra description field to a batch attack settings
 Added 2 batch attack samples to the product's distributive
 Indexed rainbow tables (*.rti) support

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