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Office 2013 recovery speed

princess, 11:59:39 10.05.2016 Rating: 0 #1

Office 2013 recovery speed  

Sorry for a dumb question. I'm a newbie and I'm a little bit frustrated trying to guess a password for MS Office Word 2013 document (docx file). The problem is that when I launch any recovery method, no matter what, it works awfully slow.
What am I doing wrong? I would appreciate if you advise me on this problem. Thanks.
Passcape_Admin, 11:23:08 14.05.2016 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Office 2013 recovery speed  

Microsoft Office 2013/2016 uses very strong password encryption algorithms. All you can get is less than 10 000 passwords per second even using top-level GPUs.

Thus some recovery methods are generally not fit there. For example, no point to run a bruteforce attack, it will take ages to complete. So all you need is to concentrate on dictionary-based attacks.

And of course, using a top level GPU, like NVidia GTX 980, would be very helpful. If you want to run password recovery using CPU only, make sure your CPU supports AVX2 instruction set. It will speed up the process as much as twice compared to non-AVX2 CPUs. For example, Intel core i7-4770 gives ~350 p/s, while AMD FX-6100 shows only 100 p/s.
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