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Loader error #-1

prettynice, 08:53:51 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #1

Loader error #-1  

I get the following error trying to import hashes from local pc on Windows 10:
Can't get service execution result: service error (Loader error #-1)

What does it mean and what shall I do to load hashes?
IvanO, 09:29:23 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Loader error #-1  

The error is often caused by AV software. What is your AV software? Try to play around with its options.
prettynice, 09:32:23 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Kaspersky Internet Security
IvanO, 09:41:02 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #4

RE: Loader error #-1  

Just try to turn off Kaspersky self defence temporarily. It should help.
prettynice, 09:59:39 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #5


Nice. Worked like a charm! Some plaintexts were shown off instantly. By the way, is it normally that the length of the found password for HomeGroupUser$ account is about a couple of hundreds characters? While I need some days to bruteforce an 8 character password?
IvanO, 10:18:37 25.04.2016 Rating: 0 #6

RE: HomeGroupUser$  

Yeah, it's ok. Windows automatically generates a strong password for HomeGroupUser$ account but unfortunately protects it using reversable encryption :)

The program uses a lot of modules to decrypt hashes instantly: LSA secrets decryper, Active Directory plaintext password lookup module, fingerprint credentials decoder, mimikatz-like password extraction from system memory, etc. Thus passwords for some user accounts can be deciphered almost instantly, no matter how long they are.
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