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Body odor as a password

IvanO, 09:29:45 21.02.2014 Rating: 0 #1

Body odor as a password  

Researches of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) are making progress in developing recognizable patterns of our personal body odor. That would allow to identify people through their personal odor, they say.

Even though body odor can vary considerably by actions such as mood swings, diet changes or diseases, the researchers claim they have proven that recognizable patterns on each person body odor have an identification at rate error of 15%. This is far from regular biometric techniques like the iris and fingerprint, which have a low error rate. From the other hand some other biometric techniques like the face recognition have a high error rate too. 

Body odor identification is not a new idea at all. Police dogs use it for centuries with very high success rate. Although the body odor sensors have not yet achieved the accuracy of dogs, developing new biometric techniques based on a person's physical features would increase the safety effectiveness, besides it can be implemented in a less aggressive way than other biometric techniques being used today.
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