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Can Passcape Do What I Need?

lotusgreen, 06:42:07 09.02.2014 Rating: 0 #1

Can Passcape Do What I Need?  

Hi, someone suggested maybe your software can help me. My Windows 8 laptop has two "users" (both me), the administrator (Hermann), and the non-administrator (Craig). I've used Hermann for the entire year I've used this computer. I always used a picture password. For the first time, on Thursday night, I may have been hacked. The computer suddenly started acting strangely, so I turned it off. When I turned it back on, the picture password (very simple) said "incorrect password." (I tried it more times to same result.)

Since then, I have not been able to log Hermann in; fortunately, Craig can still log in, but has no access to any settings, history, I can see Hermann's files, but not interact with them, and have lost a lot of little software that was on the machine  new (like Snipit).

I know of no other password for Hermann, have tried to use the account.live pathway that Microsoft suggests so many times that they refused to send me any more access codes. Also I have talked on the phone with at least a dozen Windows and Microsoft tech people, and they say that the email address attached to Hermann does not exist on any Microsoft account!

So could your software solve this?

Thank you.
Passcape_Admin, 12:27:00 09.02.2014 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Can Passcape Do What I Need?  

Well since your second account has no Administrator privileges, it is useless to you. The good news is that your password for the primary account could either be recovered or reset easily (depending on how it had been hacked). So alll you need is an offline password recovery/reset solution.

Reset Windows Password would handle the problem perfectly. As I said earlier you have 2 ways to resolve the issue: either recover your plaintext password or reset it.

Password resetting (unlike recovering) has a drawback though: even though you will get back access to your profile, all your personal certificates, local, domain and web passwords, encrypted files, if any, will be lost. Consider using it as a last resort only.

So download the demo version of the Reset Windows Password package, unzip it to any PC and create a bootable CD/USB. After the cd/usb is ready, turn on your problem PC, insert the newly created bootable media and change the PC BIOS settings to make the media first on the list of boot devices. Then save the BIOS settings and restart the PC to launch the cd/usb.

Next, after the Reset Windows Password is launched, try to lookup up your lost password. The program should decrypt plaintext credentials for all accounts with picture/pin password. So all you will need when you get the credentials, is to logon your primary account, switch it to require a regular password, and provide the found credentials.

The demo version of the software show only first 3 characters of decrypted passwords and you should purchase the standard edition in oder to eliminate the demo restrictions. However I could help you decrypting it free of charge. In that case you will have to send me your registry files and some other stuff I point. Please contact me via support form for further information if you would like to.
lotusgreen, 21:18:00 10.02.2014 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Thanks so much for such a thoughtful and comprehensive response. Yeah, I'm trying to avoid losing all that stuff. Next stop is the local Microsoft store; I found somebody there who believes he can do a fix that will lose some data, but not as much as  you listed.
IvanO, 08:52:06 11.02.2014 Rating: 0 #4

RE: Can Passcape Do What I Need?  

Well you shouldn't reset the password to avoid loosing your stuff then. Actually you will lose all data encrypted with DPAPI system. The list is even longer than one I listed.
Fortunately, your regular credentials (for the account with picture password) are stored in reversible form. So all you need is to decrypt it and switch your account to regular password when logging on. This is the only painless way (apart from the legal way suggested by Microsoft via restoring LiveId password) to get access back to your account without loosing anything.
lotusgreen, 10:33:10 11.02.2014 Rating: 0 #5

No Subject  

Hi IvanO--

Thanks. This is a fascinating if frustrating & exhausting journey. I'll print out this info and deal with it after a good night's sleep.

Thanks again,

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