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Windows Password Recovery v13.3
Some improvements in extracting and decrypting Windows PINs
Reset Windows Password v10.2
New tools to extract a list of last opened documents and programs
Reset Windows Password v10.1
Some minor improvements and bug fixes
Reset Windows Password v10.0
The program can search and recover passwords for encrypted documents now

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Excel Password Recovery

Passcape_Admin, 18:04:39 12.07.2013 Rating: 0 #1

Excel Password Recovery  

Brand-new tool for recevering Microsoft Office Excel 2007/2010/2013 passwords has just been submitted to public. Excel Password Recovery works with all types of Excel passwords. Passwords to modify documents, sheets and workbooks can be removed (reset) instantly. From the other hand, the program offers over 10 types of GPU-accelerated recovery technique to guess passwords of encrypted *.xlsx documents.
mikeduke1290, 14:20:40 21.09.2020 Rating: 1 #2

Excel Password Recovery  

Step 1. First, create a backup of the excel file that is password-protected.

Step 2. Next, right-click on the excel sheet and hit the rename button.

Step 3. Change the file extension to ".zip" from ".csv" or ".xls"

Step 4. Unzip the content from the zip file now.

Step 5. Look for the file that ends with ".xml" format.

Step 6. Now, double-click on the XML file and open it with XML editor.

Step 7. Press "Ctrl + F" and find the word "SheetProtection". Search for the line that begins with "
Anonym, 14:25:46 11.01.2021 Rating: 0 #3

Excel Pass Recovery  

To recover password protected excel files follow the below process:
[*]Install and launch the software.
[*]Select the files which you want to unlock.
[*]Now click on 'File Properties' to check the file type and all of its properties.
[*]& finally, click on 'Recover' to recover the password of your excel file.
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