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Export/Save found Passwords

talbot, 07:04:51 05.03.2013 Rating: 0 #1

Export/Save found Passwords  

How do I save the list of usernames, passwords, hashes found after running the attack?   Ultimately, I'd like to get the recovered data in a spreadsheet.
Passcape_Admin, 10:33:09 05.03.2013 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Export/Save found Passwords  

Unfortunately there's no way to save data to a speadsheet. You can however save it to text file. To save recovered passwords to file click menu Project - Export Passwords. To save usernames and corresponded recovered passwords, select Report - Misc statistics - Cracked users/passwords. You will be then prompted to save data in the following format: user | password.
talbot, 20:35:33 07.03.2013 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Thanks.  That's exactly what I needed.
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