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Windows Password Recovery v6.0

Passcape_Admin, 17:01:57 19.07.2012 Rating: 0 #1

Windows Password Recovery v6.0  

Windows Password Recovery v6.0 came out.

What's new
[+] GPU temperature and usage monitor. Now you can turn on/off monotor for specific hardware as well.
[+] At last we have came up with a long-awaiting dictionary-force attack. The attack works on GPUs only.
[+] Dictionary generator tool in Pass-phrase options.
[+] New useful word insertion feature In Combined dictionary recovery.
[+] Fully customizable report color themes.
[+] Instant password recovery of the current user account for both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems.
[+] 3 new ultra mutation modes in phrase recovery.

Fixed bugs
[!] Error in GPU engine which caused unexpected program's failure.
[!] Non-english passwords in regular rainbow tables engine were not handled correctly.
[!] Error in Passcape rainbow tables
[!] Sometimes HomeGroup plaintext password under Windows 7 was decrypted improperly.

[*] Better Windows 8 RC compatibility.
[*] Password recovery speed (for LM hashes) was increased slightly in Phrase attack. New base mutations were added.
[*] Built-in wordlists were revised.
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