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What's new in v5.1

Passcape_Admin, 11:30:02 12.05.2012 Rating: 0 #1

What's new in v5.1  

We have at last releases the program with long-awaiting support for GPU password recovery. Currently the program works with NVidia cards only and does not support for multiple GPUs. However we're working hardly at extending the functionality. Three brand-new GPU-based attacks are under development now. So here's the list of new features for the current version:

- GPU benchmarks. You can test your video card password recovery speed here.
- Added support for loading NTLM hashes from PasswordsPro project files.
- GPU brute-force attack.
- New sophisticated password lookup algorithm (used by Preliminary attack) allows to decrypt keyboard-based passwords based on complex patterns.
- New recovery sub-modules for the Preliminary attack.
- 2 new global options:
  1. Check for updates at startup
  2. Duplicate log messages to wpr.log file
- New ruleset file with more than 74000 Hybrid attack rules (sent by our user YURETS). He also combined all the rules and send us a duplicate-free and sorted file with more than 100000 rules for the Hybrid dictionary attack.
- Added 23 reports for password-list analysis.
- Support for big wordlists in –°ombined dictionary attack.
- 2 new VS2011 like application look themes.
- New Report visualization themes.
- Added 2 additional (and sometimes helpfull) options when loading hashes from binary files:
  1. Turn on/off loading password history hashes
  2. Turn on/off loading system accounts' hashes
  3. Turn on/off looking for plaintext passwords
- 20000+ brand-new rules were added to the english_words.ini ruleset file (default oneused in the Hybrid dictionary attack).
- Phrase attack speed was increased slightly.
- Minor cosmetic improvements.

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