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Passcape_Admin, 15:53:31 11.12.2018 Rating: 0 #1

New version  

The tool for recovering MS Office OneNote passwords has been updated. The program now has got support for new GPU devices, better speed when recovering OneNote 2013-2019 passwords using AMD GPUs, new rule-files for Hybrid dictionary attacks, etc.
Oma, 15:37:01 04.04.2019 Rating: 0 #2

OneNote Password Recovery does not recognize OneNote File  

I\\'ve installed the latest version of OneNote Password Recovery, and interestingly, it does not recognize the very file that has a password.
I receive this error message when trying to Open Document:
06:34:02 April 04 2019> Failed to open \\'H:\\\\Data Files\\\\Work_Data\\\\Work_Data\\\\Lenise.one\\': the file format is unknown or unsupported

Troubleshooting completed:
 - Restart of computer after install.
 - Full power off of computer after uninstall and re-install.
 - Software recognizes other OneNote files from the same Notebook that are NOT password protected.
 - Tried other copies of the same file; multiple copies of the same in different folder locations.

I have not purchased the software, but one would hope the file would be recognized before purchasing.
Any suggestions or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Pasted below is the rest of the log file:
 OneNote Password Recovery  v2.5.1.180
 Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 v6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
 Windows x64 - Yes
 User Administrator - Yes
 Drive (C:\\\\) - fixed, NTFS, 51761 Mb free
 Drive Halcyon_Array(D:\\\\) - fixed, NTFS, 1724260 Mb free
 Drive \\'E:\\\\\\' - CD-ROM
 Drive System Reserved(F:\\\\) - fixed, NTFS, 69 Mb free
 Drive (G:\\\\) - fixed, NTFS, 18581 Mb free
 Drive Halcyon_T2(H:\\\\) - fixed, NTFS, 1456064 Mb free
 Windows dir - C:\\\\Windows
 System dir - C:\\\\Windows\\\\SYSNATIVE
 Temp dir - C:\\\\Users\\\\Omolara\\\\AppData\\\\Local\\\\Temp\\\\
 Profile dir - C:\\\\Users\\\\Omolara
 Program dir - D:\\\\Program Files (x86)\\\\Passcape\\\\ONENOTEPR
 Program name - onenotepr.exe
 Program size - 6228480
 MS Office v 14
 nvcuda 384.76
 Detected devices:  8 CPUs, 1 NVidia GPU
06:31:48 April 04 2019> Application started
06:32:19 April 04 2019> Nothing to do. You should select a document to start recovery.
--- then the error message from above ---
Passcape_Admin, 15:54:38 04.04.2019 Rating: 0 #3

RE: OneNote Password Recovery does not recognize OneNote File  

Hello, Oma
The program supports OneNote 2010 or later documents only. It looks like your file was created in one of the earlier version. Or it was saved as OneNote 2007, for example.
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