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Wireless Password Recovery v6.3.0
Support for NVidia 3xxx GPUs
Reset Windows Password v9.8
Enhanced password recovery and password lookup algorithms
Wireless Password Recovery v6.2.9
Security issue fix
Wireless Password Recovery v6.2.8
Password filters, improved performance for top devices

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Windows Password Recovery 1.2.0

Passcape_Admin, 13:00:40 22.12.2010 Rating: 0 #1

Windows Password Recovery 1.2.0  

Windows Password Recovery has been updated to v1.2.0 
Passcape_Admin, 13:03:19 22.12.2010 Rating: 0 #2

Windows Password Recovery 1.2.0 - what's fixed  

- Several interface cosmetic fixes and improvements
- Attack continue failed sometimes due to incorrect data load.
- Several minor improvements and fixes in general logic of the program
- Fixed combined dictionary attack bug. If mutation was off, the attack sometimes ran past the end. 
Passcape_Admin, 13:06:35 22.12.2010 Rating: 0 #3

Windows Password Recovery 1.2.0 - what's changed  

- Almost all attacks were rivised.
- Mask attack has been rewritten. Mask attack syntax was changed. %C, %c, %?, etc. masks run faster now.
- Minor changes in ZIP pack/unpack module.
- Keyboard passwords module (preliminary attack) has been reconstructed in order to perform more deep search.
- Artificcial Intelligence attack speed improvement.
Passcape_Admin, 13:10:29 22.12.2010 Rating: 0 #4

Windows Password Recovery 1.2.0 - what's added  

- Added new general mutation rules. Affects almost all attacks.
- Added Safari passwords decryption module to Artificial Intelligence attack.
- Added new hex module to preliminary attack.
- Added new password mutation rules to pass-phrase attack.
- Added new password creation rule to the combined dictionary attack. Now you can use a charset as a word delimiter for generated passwords.
- Task pane now has a short description of the hash list icons.
- New built-in protection against asterisks viewers.
- Added new Office 2010 interface skins.
- Asterisk password revealer utility.
- Caption bar with wisdom tips and quotes.
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