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NVidia great progress

Passcape_Admin, 11:35:19 24.01.2018 Rating: 0 #1

NVidia great progress  

It's extremely curious to observe a speedup for a certain NVidia GPU model on different generations. Let's take x80 model, for example.
NVidia GTX 780 - ~ 100 000 password per second
NVidia GTX 980 - ~ 200 000 password per second
NVidia GTX 1080 - ~ 400 000 password per second

Expecting new Volta(?) 1180(?) running at 800 000 p/s ?
Passcape_Admin, 10:27:28 24.09.2018 Rating: 0 #2

NVidia RTX 20xx  

Many time passed since the post was created and it seems there is some news on it. First, new generation card is based on Turing microarchitecture, not Volta. Second, our user has just submitted new speed benchmarks for Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU. And it runs at ... ~570 000 p/s.

Well, a little bit of disappointment, to say the truth. It is not 800 as we hoped for and even not 700. Not bad anyway, if compared to top AMD devices. A must-have, if money is not a question :)
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