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Support for Windows 10 1903, Trusted Boot Auto-Logon, etc.
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Passcape_Admin, 09:43:14 02.06.2017 Rating: 0 #1

New versions, announcements  

The first public alpha version is out at last. The program consists of two parts:
It's technical capability is still very very poor and limited to 3 basic types of password recovery attacks (brute-force, dictionary and mask) and some basic hash algoritms. The distributed client comes as x86-compatible program only. However we're working on x64 too.

Compared to previous non-public alpha, this version has the following list of changes:
[+] Support for UNICODE format in MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 algorithms.
[*] GPU bruteforce attack was rewritten. Up to 20% speedup for all devices.
[*] GPU mask attack was rewritten completely. Up to 100% speedup for some NVidia GPUs.
[*] GPU dictionary attack was rewritten completely.
[!] A lot of minor fixes and improvements.
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