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decrypting cached credentials

backman, 16:27:29 26.03.2016 Rating: 0 #1

decrypting cached credentials  

Could you please help me out in getting and decrypting cached credentials out of my friend's PC? I have a physicall access to the machine.
IvanO, 10:24:16 28.03.2016 Rating: 0 #2

RE: decrypting cached credentials  

It's not clear what credentials do you mean. If you mean domain cached credentials then the program can only dump them. Just select 'Dump domain cached credentials to text file' at the main screen, proceed to the next step and follow further program's instructions. Once dumped, the hashes can be decrypted using Hashcat or InsidePro tools for example. Note that success in decryption is not guaranteed at all. Furthermore, Windows Vista and higher OSes use very strong encryption. That make password recovery extremely difficult.

Sometimes Windows also caches plaintext passwords (even though it claims it does not). The program does not allow viewing extracted plaintext. However the process of cached password extraction is used in many program's module. So all you need is just to select the 'Lookup user passwords' item which contains some helpful password extraction modules including this one.
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