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Error initializing cached credentials engine

Nazaf, 21:27:02 04.09.2015 Rating: 0 #1

Error initializing cached credentials engine  

What does the following error mean?
Error initializing cached credentials engine: can't read primary encryption key, no data were found

It happens when I use Domain Cached Credentials Explorer. Is this an error? Or does it simply mean the machine has no cached crdentials?

Note: I see entries under the registry key HKLM\\Security\\Cache
Passcape_Admin, 09:24:53 05.09.2015 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Error initializing cached credentials engine  

Domain cached entries are stored encrypted in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Security/Cache registry key. While the decryption key resides in LSA secrets under NL$KM name.

Looks like your PC contains no cached credentials because the LSA secret was not found. By the way, on some OSes the Security/Cache keys holds empty entries (ones filled with all zeroes).
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