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New speed benchmarks

Passcape_Admin, 09:35:52 10.02.2015 Rating: 0 #1

New speed benchmarks  

More password recovery benchmarks have been submitted for both CPU and GPU devices. Thanks all who sent us your speed numbers.
Passcape_Admin, 20:46:57 15.05.2015 Rating: 0 #2

RE: New speed benchmarks  

The speed charts have been updated with new devices sent by our users.
Total number of CPUs: 104
Total number of GPUs: 149
Passcape_Admin, 11:26:48 20.09.2015 Rating: 0 #3

RE: New speed benchmarks  

The charts have been updated with new devices sent by our users.
Total number of CPUs: 134
Total number of GPUs: 161
Passcape_Admin, 18:26:46 18.08.2016 Rating: 0 #4

NVidia 1080 & 1070  

Yet another one update for the speed benchmarks. Now with NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 & 1080 devices.
Total number of CPUs: 169
Total number of GPUs: 189
Passcape_Admin, 08:18:10 14.01.2017 Rating: 0 #5

New devices  

Current number of CPUs: 180
Current number of GPUs: 205
Passcape_Admin, 11:00:10 24.01.2018 Rating: 0 #6

9 new GPU benchmarks  

Added 9 new GPU benchmarks. Now the total number of GPUs in the table is 214.
Passcape_Admin, 16:25:43 17.01.2019 Rating: 0 #7

New update for the benchmarks  

Some new CPUs and video cards have been added including NVidia P106-100, GTX 2080 Ti, Radeon RX Vega 11, etc.
Passcape_Admin, 18:14:51 10.04.2019 Rating: 0 #8

Some new NVidia benchmarks  

Some new GPU and CPU benchmarks were added. Just open the links and hit Ctrl+F5 to update your browser cache.
IvanO, 10:23:09 19.12.2019 Rating: 0 #9

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X  

New speed benchmarks for 16-core AMD Ryzen 7 3700X have been submitted recently. The brute-force speed is 34817 p/sec. For comparison, the 8-core Intel i7-4770K outputs 15425 p/sec. Very good performance assuming that the power consumption is only 65 watts. Definitely worth its money.
Passcape_Admin, 10:29:28 29.02.2020 Rating: 0 #10

new update  

The number of CPUs: 191
The number of GPUs: 227
Jordan, 12:08:18 22.05.2020 Rating: 0 #11

Is WifiPR have a bug ??  

Hi.. I am newbie here...
I have tried \\\\\\"Wireless Password Recovery\\\\\\" version 6.1.5
But \\\\\\"Export Password\\\\\\" does not display passwords (on txt file result) that have been found ...

But in the previous version (version 4). its perpectly.
(See the picture on rar package file that I have attached )
Please check it !
Attachment: Picture_3.jpg Picture_3.jpg (259120 Bytes)
Passcape_Admin, 12:26:55 22.05.2020 Rating: 0 #12

Is WifiPR have a bug ??  

It's a bug and it has been fixed already in upcoming version that should be available in a couple of weeks.
Jordan, 15:34:55 22.05.2020 Rating: 0 #13

RE: Is WifiPR have a bug ??  

Passcape_Admin quote:
It\\'s a bug and it has been fixed already in upcoming version that should be available in a couple of weeks.

Great... I will be waiting for Fixed Version...
And will test it.... I love passcape softwares so much...
Passcape_Admin, 16:29:41 17.09.2020 Rating: 0 #14

New CPU/GPU benchmarks  

WPA speed benchmarks for new devices:
The number of tested CPUs: 196
The number of tested GPUs: 235
Passcape_Admin, 11:17:43 12.08.2021 Rating: 0 #15

Intel Iris Xe G7  

5 new CPU devices and 9 GPUs, including Intel Iris Xe G7, have been added recently.
Passcape_Admin, 10:00:13 25.08.2021 Rating: 0 #16

NVidia GeForce RTX 3090  

For the first time, the performance of the new top device stepped firmly over 1 mln passwords per second.

1,2 mln p/s recovery speed, sounded unreal some 10 years ago, can be reached using only a single NVidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU.

In fact, that's awesome because the GeForce GTX 580 that was released in Nov 2010 showed only 45000 p/s. Numbers that sound ridiculous now.
Passcape_Admin, 14:32:30 15.10.2022 Rating: 0 #17

new devices  

More that 15 new CPU and GPU devices were added to WPA benchmarks
Passcape_Admin, 10:07:04 07.05.2023 Rating: 0 #18

New shared speeds  

Over a dozen of new CPU and GPU benchmarks. Thanks all for sharing it.
Passcape_Admin, 12:39:53 02.01.2024 Rating: 0 #19


Some new CPU and GPU devices were added to the benchmarks. Total list contains 228 CPU and 265 GPU devices now.
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