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Reset Windows Password v12.3.1
Windows Search database explorer, Extensible Storage Engine viewer tool, etc.
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Reset Windows Password v12.2
Resource usage monitor, wireless password locator, network drive mapper
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A Hindi translation of the paper dedicated Windows Hello biometrics flaw

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    Keywords: dpapi, hmac, sha
    Content:  Не помню детали, нет под рукой[...]

    Keywords: dpapi, windows 7, sha, pbkdf2, windows
    Content: Добрый день, уважаемая Клео. По[...]

    Keywords: dpapi, master key, sha, hmac, pbkdf2, мастер, ключ, алгоритм, шифрование
    Content: И в Windows XP, и в Windows 7 используется S[...]

  • Update for Wireless Password Recovery
    Keywords: Wireless Password Recovery, hash, handshake, recovery, wifi, wireless, network
    Content: New version of the [url=/index.php?section=news&cmd=deta[...]

  • RE: Importing hashes
    Keywords: importing hashes, keymaterial,wireless, wifi, handshakes, hash
    Content: The xml files of WLAN profiles store passwords for wireless [...]

    Keywords: формат, мастер ключ, blob, windows, sha. des, aes, md4
    Content: Здравствуйте. Сам формат мастер [...]

  • Parsing *.cap and *.ncf dumps
    Keywords: parse, wpa, ncf, cap, pcap, dump, file, hash, handshakes
    Content: New version of Wireless Password Recovery has a bit differen[...]

  • Support for Intel Graphics
    Keywords: intel, praphic, gpu, wireless, wpa, password, hash, recover, handshake
    Content: New version of the program now supports for Intel Graphics a[...]

  • Поддержка Intel Graphics
    Keywords: intel graphic, gpu, wireless, wpa, password, hash, recover, handshake
    Content: Новая версия программы получила [...]

  • New algorithm for loading WPA handshakes from capture files
    Keywords: wpa, load, capture, dump, wpapsk, hash, handshake, parse
    Content: The main trouble extracting handshakes from capture/dump fil[...]

  • Tips and tricks allowing to automate the password recovery process for wireless networks
    Keywords: wireless password recovery, lost, lost my password, password, wireless, network, recover, extract, hash, handshake, wpa, wifi, quick, pmkid, security, hashcat, elcomsoft, algorithm, sha, pbkdf2, automate
    Content: Passcape Wireless Password Recovery: using the program's int[...]