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Reset Windows Password v14.1
IP addresses history viewer, fast disk search, local security editor and some more
Wireless Password Recovery v6.9.0
A revision of the GPU health monitor along with some minor updates
Happy New Year greetings and holidays discount
Reset Windows Password v14.0
New advanced disk utilities

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  • Hello everyone
    Content: Hello Everyone. Thanks Ivan for your initial help. Bes[...]

  • Re: Hello everyone
    Keywords: password,reset,help
    Content: Hi there. You\'re welcome. 

  • Пароли Windows Hello
    Keywords: Windows Hello, пароль, биометрия, восстановление, расшифровка, отпечатки пальцев
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  • Windows Hello credentials
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  • Расшифровка биометрических паролей Windows 10
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  • Windows Hello biometric credentials
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  • Keywords: пин, пин-код, pin, windows, windows hello, биометрия, аутентификация, расшифровать, защита
    Content: 1. Дело в том, что ПИН-код в Windows 8 и [...]

  • Windows Password Recovery v15
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  • Serious implementation flaw in Windows Hello biometrics
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