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Wireless Password Recovery v6.8.0
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Reset Windows Password v12.3.1
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Reset Windows Password v12.2
Resource usage monitor, wireless password locator, network drive mapper

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  • Wireless Password Recovery 3.0
    Keywords: wifi cracker, wireless, cpu, gpu, speed, fastest
    Content: [url=/index.php?section=news&cmd=details&newsid=362]Вышл[...]

  • Wireless Password Recovery 3.0
    Keywords: cpu, gpu, fastest, recovery, speed, avx2, password
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  • Access Password Recovery v2.0
    Keywords: nvidia, maxwell, 750 ti, amd, avx2, cpu, gpu, password recovery, access, database, password, decrypt
    Content: New version of the Access Password Recovery has been submitt[...]

  • Access Password Recovery v2.0
    Keywords: nvidia, maxwell, 750 ti, amd, avx2, cpu, gpu, восстановить пароль, access, база данных, password, расшифровать, пароль
    Content: Вышла новая версия программы Access[...]

  • Excel Password Recovery v 2.0.0
    Keywords: excel password, recover, decrypt, best software, program, gpu, cpu, avx2, maxwell
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  • New speed benchmarks
    Keywords: wpa,psk,speed,performance,cpu,gpu,benchmarks
    Content: More password recovery benchmarks have been submitted for bo[...]

  • Тесты скорости перебора паролей
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  • New CPU/GPU benchmarks
    Content: [b]WPA speed benchmarks for new devices:[/b] The number of [...]

  • new devices
    Keywords: wpa, speed, benchmarks, gpu, cpu, device
    Content: More that 15 new CPU and GPU devices were added to WPA bench[...]

  • Новые устройства
    Keywords: устройства, cpu, gpu, скорость, wpa
    Content: Добавлено более 15 новых CPU и GPU ус[...]