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Windows Password Recovery v13
With support for domain cached credentials
New article on Wireless Password Recovery
Using the program's intelligence to automate the password recovery process for wireless networks
Network Password Recovery Wizard v5.9
Minor enhancements recovering remote desktop passwords
Mozilla Password Recovery v5.9
Support for new password encryption

Articles and video

You may find it helpful to read our articles on Windows security and password recovery examples. Video section contains a number of movies about our programs in action


DPAPI Secrets. Security analysis and data recovery in DPAPI (Part 2)

16:51:23 12.03.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 16:51:23 12.03.2012   |  9 Comments 
DPAPI Credential History Credential History in DPAPI CREDHIST data structure CREDHIST ...
Categories: Articles
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DPAPI Secrets. Security analysis and data recovery in DPAPI (Part 1)

16:43:58 12.03.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 16:43:58 12.03.2012   |  2 Comments 
Introduction DPAPI architecture and security What is DPAPI What does DPAPI protec ...
Categories: Articles
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Windows 8 to get its own password manager

08:25:53 22.02.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 08:25:53 22.02.2012   |  0 Comments 
According to preliminary information released by Microsoft, the forthcoming OS will have a built-i ...
Categories: Articles
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Windows 8 - Getting Acquainted

09:09:48 21.02.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 09:09:48 21.02.2012   |  0 Comments 
Recently Microsoft officially presented Windows 8 Developer Preview, a preview of the forthcoming ...
Categories: Articles
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Brief Analysis of RockYou Passwords

09:30:10 20.02.2012 posted by Passcape_Admin at 09:30:10 20.02.2012   |  0 Comments 
In December 2009, the RockYou.com website was attacked by hackers. The attack was successful and r ...
Categories: Articles
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LSA Secrets in Windows

09:28:32 04.05.2011 posted by Passcape_Admin at 09:28:32 04.05.2011   |  2 Comments 
  What are LSA secrets? What is stored in LSA secrets? Where are LSA secrets stored? LSA Se ...
Categories: Articles
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Modifying PC BIOS setting to load from a bootable CD/DVD/USB

18:21:59 19.11.2010 posted by Passcape_Admin at 18:21:59 19.11.2010   |  0 Comments 
  General information In order to load from your bootable drive, you may need to adjust your ...
Categories: Articles
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Windows passwords FAQ

15:27:13 05.10.2010 posted by Passcape_Admin at 15:27:13 05.10.2010   |  1 Comments 
Q: What is password protection? A: ...
Categories: Articles
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Outlook Passwords

Use strong passwords that combine upper- and lowercase let ...
Categories: Articles
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Recovering lost Internet Explorer passwords: Theory and Practice

  German translation of the article can be found here. You can translate the artic ...
Categories: Articles
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