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SYSKEY startup password

MrWhistler, 13:07:46 28.02.2012 Rating: 0 #1

SYSKEY startup password  

Hi All,

When I tried to reset Administrator's password using your utility it said that I should type in the syskey startup password. Can I reset my password without knowing the syskey startup stuff? Or am I instead to use SYSKEY reset feature the program offered me?

Thnaks in advanced
IvanO, 13:25:57 28.02.2012 Rating: 0 #2

RE: SYSKEY startup password  

Yes, without knowing SYSKEY startup password you will not be able to dump or reset Windows passwords. Using SYSKEY reset feature should be considered as a last-hope scenario, when you need to log into your system by all means. After syskey reset, you will loose all passwords and certificates for all users. Not worth to say, this is very unsafe and dangerous operation.

So consider zipping and send us your SAM and SECURITY hives (write to support e-mail) first. We have an internal utility for bruteforcing SYSKEY startup password using dictionary attack. Give us also any information or thoughts about the SYSKEY password if any, this may be helful. Once we failed to find the password using brute-force, you'll probably have to reset the SYSKEY then.
MrWhistler, 10:14:09 06.03.2012 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Ivan said it took several days to brute-force the password and he finaly found it! thanks guys for the great support, u rock!
IvanO, 10:17:58 06.03.2012 Rating: 0 #4

RE: SYSKEY startup password  

Thanks, MrWhistler. Actually, you're luck because the password was short enough to decrypt it using bruteforce recovery.
endianer, 03:44:20 17.02.2017 Rating: 0 #5

SYSKEY Windows Startup Password  

This is going to sound dumb.  I have a machine that was taken hostage for ransom.  Its asking for a Windows Startup password.  It said in the Passcode documentation that I should download the Zip Files to create a boot disk, or USB Drive first to make sure it will work.  I've done that created a USB Boot Drive.  I then loaded on the subject machine and ultimately it searched for and found the SYSKEY password.  Was this an actual find or a demop on how it finds.  My message was Congratulation your password was found on (and copied to the clipboard)  Here it is 123 Is that just a demo of the product, as I suspect or is it real?  Please advise ASAP.  Thanks!!
Passcape_Admin, 08:18:52 17.02.2017 Rating: 0 #6

RE: SYSKEY Windows Startup Password  

Hi endianer,
The DEMO version shows up to first 3 characters of recovered passwords. So if the password is 123, it will show it as 123. If it is longer, it should be shown as 123.
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