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Help query

gaga, 16:26:09 19.12.2011 Rating: 0 #1

Help query  

hi all, 
I've got a question regarding your program...
I read your help about windows hashes and managed to load local hashes into the program. It's ok. The question is why the LM hash column is empty? Your docs state that breaking LM hashes is a piece of cake instead of NTLM ones. But I have no LN hashes!

Another problem is that I have several entries for my Windows account. Is it a bug or what?

Thank you.
IvanO, 16:47:50 19.12.2011 Rating: 0 #2

Re: Help query  

why the LM hash column is empty?

Because Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not store LM hashes by default (unless you switch on this option implicitly). It looks like someday Windows probably will have no support for LM hashes at all.

Another problem is that I have several entries for my Windows account. Is it a bug or what?

Several entries with the same user name in the password list? Do they have the following text in comment column:
Password history hash
If yes, than it means that the program found and decoded history hashes. History hashes holds your old passwords.
gaga, 10:36:11 20.12.2011 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

Thank you for your prompt reply.
How can I decode the hashes then?  I tried dictionary analysis but it gave me nothing.
IvanO, 10:49:13 20.12.2011 Rating: 0 #4


To select the best way for hash recovery, refer to the following guid.
Well, once you loaded hashes from your local PC, I'd recommend to try out Artificial Intelligence recovery first. It works for most common cases.
gaga, 18:36:38 20.12.2011 Rating: 0 #5

No Subject  

 Wow! It worked for me, thank you. At least it shows the first 3 characters, the others are hidden under demo message. Thanks anyway, I'm considering to purchase the program.
IvanO, 18:40:07 20.12.2011 Rating: 0 #6


You're welcome. 
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