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Windows Password Recovery v2.0.0

Passcape_Admin, 09:15:28 03.06.2011 Rating: 0 #1

Windows Password Recovery v2.0.0  

Windows Password Recovery has been updated to v2.0 recently.

It is worth mentioning at least 3 brand-new features of the new version:

1. Two advanced utilities to analyze Windows LSA secrets and edit domain cached passwords.

2. A set of useful wordlist tools to create, sort, edit, convert, compress, etc. password dictionaries. By the way, Passcape Wordlist Collection was built using these tools. For example, to create CD8 of the collection, Windows Password Recovery took several days of parsing ~ 10000 ebooks, 670 different encyclopedias and 70 thematic dictionaries.

3. New attack type has been added to the program. It appeared that the Fingerprint attack is very affective against difficult passwords other attacks failed to recover. It has a number of drawbacks though: the success of the attack depends greatly on given wordlist, it eats damned lot of memory and takes a lot of time to complete for even small source wordlists. By the way, the next version of the program should be widen by including a brand-new attack we have started working at already.

The full list of changed of the program can be found at our news page
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