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Windows Password Recovery v15

Passcape_Admin, 12:17:12 23.08.2022 Rating: 0 #1

Windows Password Recovery v15  

This version of the program contains some new and important features:
- New version of the DPAPI recovery module with support for password-less decryption and decryption using PIN
- Support for Windows cached cloud accounts
- Support for Windows Hello password-less accounts
and much more...
DONASP, 23:53:04 19.05.2023 Rating: 0 #2

find and remove syskey  

Will your light version of Windows Password Recovery find and allow me to remove a syskey that was implemented by a scammer
Passcape_Admin, 12:14:50 21.05.2023 Rating: 0 #3

RE: find and remove syskey  

No, only the standard edition of the Reset Windows Password (that works off a boot usb) does, not the Windows Password Recovery. Both program are similar pretty much but only the Reset Windows Password should do what you need. Recovering after a syskey scam requires recovering the altered plaintext password, in opposite to resetting that may ruin the machine. Here's a simple instruction on how to do it properly:

P.S. We replied to you twice on your support request. Please check your mail filters.
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