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Syskey reset

Greaves, 02:20:14 04.06.2018 Rating: 0 #1

Syskey reset  

Hello I have reset my syskey password with reset windows password. I understand that for windows 10, it goes into a continuous boot loop. Is there any way I can fix this boot loop through the registry after resetting syskey.
Kevin Greaves
Passcape_Admin, 09:10:06 04.06.2018 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Syskey reset  

Hi Kevin,
Unfortunately, on Windows 8+ OSes syskey reset may put the machine into different boot troubles. The program should warn about it and prompt to backup registry files before any system critical operation.
If you had saved your registry files before you reset the syskey then all you need is to run Reset Windows Password once again and restore the previously saved registry from backup. That would fully revert all the changes. Then just try to search for lost syskey password instead of resetting it.
If the registry was not saved, it's worth trying to overwrite them manually using files backed up by system, if any.
Launch the program, start file explorer tool and open your registry directory on the left pane. Let's say C:\\Windows\\System32\\config. On the right pane navigate to C:\\Windows\\System32\\config\\RegBack folder.
Then copy and overwrite files from right pane (the regback folder) to the left pane's folder.
The following 3 files should be copied:
So C:\\Windows\\System32\\config\\RegBack\\SAM should go to C:\\Windows\\System32\\config\\SAM etc. It  would also be nice to save all the registry files in C:\\Windows\\System32\\config before overwriting them. Noth that the windows directory may be different. For example, D:\\Windows...
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