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Add new pass to blankpassuser not working(win10)

superb, 22:27:25 22.06.2016 Rating: 0 #1

Add new pass to blankpassuser not working(win10)  

When I trying add new password to blank user password of windows local account via boot using RWPR tool,it is not working.Looks like latest updated version windows 10 disabaling the "enter new password text box of RWPR tool!!!

First booting from USB flash drive>choosing SAM and then reset or creat userpass,click next>SAM and SECURITY succesfully loading from drive,click next>all users list successfully showing and then I choosing a user which has unlock mark(blank passworded user)click next>NOW enter new password text box showing hidden(looks like disabled)!!!!
but when I choosing locked mark user(passworded user),the enter new password text box working fine,showing NO hidden
So why enter new password text box getting disabled when choosing blank password user?add new password to blank passworded user on windows 10 is not possible via RWPR tool?
looks like bug or new types of protection.
Passcape_Admin, 09:10:42 23.06.2016 Rating: 0 #2

RE: Add new pass to blankpassuser not working(win10)  


No, it's neither a bug nor protection. The program simply disables the input box when password for account is blank or not set, so no need to reset it if the password is blank already. You can change some account's flags though using this dialog or using account properties dialog.

if you need to set a new password during next user logon, select 'User account properties' mode, choose user account. Then set on 'The password has expired' and unset 'Password is not required' options.
superb, 22:31:05 23.06.2016 Rating: 0 #3

No Subject  

I hope this facility would be available for next upcomming version of RWPR.
anyhow this facility i not importent anymore but very rare cause this could be helpfull for me.
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