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Wordlist utilities - extract HTML links


This tool is designed for extracting HTML hyperlinks from HTML files.

Extract HTML links


The configuration options for this tool consist of two groups. In the first group, you should set a path to the initial folder, where the HTML files are located, and select a file parsing method, namely:

  • Parse files in the specified folder only. If this option is not set, the program recursively analyzes all the subfolders and files inside them.
  • Search in all files
  • Search files with certain extensions only
  • Search all files except certain extensions

By default, the tool checks *.htm and *.html files only.

The additional options group allows to set the type of links, as well as where to look for them:

  • Look in HTML header.
  • Look in HTML body.
  • Look links in HREF tag, SRC tag or in both tags.

Clicking the Next> button launches the search, which may take considerable time. Once the operation is completed, and the found links are saved to disk, consider sort them out to get rid of duplicates.