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TheBat! Password Recovery screenshots
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TheBat! Password Recovery Screenshots

Choose a recovery mode:

  • AUTOMATIC - recover all found TheBat! and Voyager passwords with a single click
  • MANUAL - decrypt TheBat!/Voyager passwords manually
  • ASTERISKS PASSWORDS - reveal text hidden behind ****

TheBat! Password Recovery


BPR manual mode. You should set the full path to the TheBat! configuration file. Both old *.CFG and new *.CFN account file formats are supported.
To decrypt Voyager account passwords you'll have to set at least 3 options there:

  1. Voyager encrypted configuration file. Just select one from the drop-down list. If no configurations were found, you can add it manually.
  2. Master key file mastrkey.dat. It is required to decrypt the *.efn files. This file usually locates in the Voyager mail subdirectory.
  3. Master password. It is required to decrypt the master key file.

If you lost your master password, you'll have no access to Voyager configuration data. You can, however, contact our tech support to ask for assistance in recovering the lost master password. We'll at least do our best to help you.

TheBat! Password Recovery manual mode


The final dialog contains found and decrypted passwords.

TheBat! Password Recovery in action

Found and decrypted passwords are highlighted in red.