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Reset Windows Password
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Reset Windows Password

Reset Windows Password

Lost password or locked Windows account is the most frequent problem data recovery specialists have to deal with. You could format the hard drive or reinstall your operating system, but that wouldn't keep you from partial loss of data, personal settings and extra headache. Besides, all that can take some time. There is a quicker and more elegant way out of this situation. Just run Reset Windows Passwords from a bootable CD or USB and reset the forgotten password or unlock the account. It's a matter of a few minutes! Reset Windows Password is the most powerful solution for recovering or bypassing all types of Windows account passwords: user', administrator, Active Directory accounts, and domain administrators.

The program is designed specifically for an inexperienced user and is easy to operate. On the other hand, the password lookup algorithms are unique and not used in any similar application. Unlike other utilities, Reset Windows Password is the only program that can CORRECTLY process all types of Windows accounts.

If you need more professional utility for Windows password recovery and audit, take a look at our Windows Password Recovery tool.


  • Simple, intuitive graphic interface.
  • Resets and modifies passwords of local users and administrators, domain administrator, Active Directory users, DSRM account.
  • Enables and unlocks user accounts.
  • Disables the password expiry option.
  • Resets SYSKEY (with full user passwords re-encryption), as well as recovers SYSKEY plaintext password
  • Advanced password lookup algorithms (Artificial Intelligence attack, password recovery using Passcape tables, instant password recovery for the most accounts with fingerprint logon, etc.)
  • Dumps password hashes from SAM for further analysis.
  • Dumps password hashes from Active Directory.
  • Dumps domain cached credentials.
  • Supports all versions of NT-based Windows, including Windows 10. Microsoft  LiveID accounts are fully supported as well.
  • Changes account type (from Microsoft Live ID to local), different flags and properties.
  • Backup user passwords, Windows registry and Active Directory
  • All editions include the utility for creating a bootable CD/DVD/USB disk from the downloadable ISO file with the application.
  • Supports 32/64-bit Windows.
  • Large collection of IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers.
  • Detects several operating systems installed on the computer.
  • Supports non-English versions of Windows and passwords in national encodings.
  • Allows undoing changes made to the system.
  • Deletes passwords and other sensitive data from the computer.
  • Mounting virtual drives.
  • Searches for lost product keys and serial numbers.
  • Detailed help.

How it looks and works
Reset Windows Password - screenshots and documentation
Full list of the program features
Three simple steps to create a bootable CD, DVD or USB disk
Utility for creating bootable disks
Running RWP from the bootable disk
Modifying BIOS to boot from RWP disk, questions and answers

How it works (video)
Working with Reset Windows Password: creating bootable disk, loading the program, changing forgotten password.

512 Mb of RAM, 64-bit compatible CPU, CD-ROM (DVD) or USB drive, OS based on Windows NT, BIOS/UEFI.

Operating systems: Windows NT-10, Windows server 2000-2016. File systems: FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5. BIOS should support booting from CD/DVD or USB devices.

Supported languages
Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, German, Persian, Russian.

Despite the fact that the program comes with several popular mass-storage drivers (ATI, Highpoint, Intel, Jmicron, Marvell, Nvidia, Silicion Image, Sis, Uli, Via, Vmware), some PCs may require a 3d-party hard disk driver. Please, refer to your motherboard manual.

Known issues and bugs
- If the target computer has 2 or more logical drives, the sequence of the letters for these disks may be set totally different than in the original system.
- If you are resetting a password of the built-in Administrator in Windows XP Home edition or in some editions of Windows Vista, please keep in mind that in order to activate the internal administrator account, you would need to load the system in the safe mode.
- RWP supports all types of SYSKEY encryption. However in some cases you'll have to recover the SYSKEY startup password first in order to be able to decrypt user hashes/passwords.
- After you reset the password, you may temporary lose access to your Web site passwords, file share credentials, Wireless connection passwords, EFS-encrypted files, e-mails encrypted with your private keys, other personal data encrypted with DPAPI. For the more detailed information, refer to the Microsoft knowledgebase article KB290260 please.
- In some cases, password reset has no effect. For example, if you're trying to reset a password on a RODC, or the target account belongs to 'Denied RODC Password Replication Group'.
- Some UEFI-based PCs have compatibility issues with certain USB devices. If that's your case, consider creating the RWP bootable CD instead or try out 'Max compatibility' mode of our IsoBurner tool.
- Some anti-virus software may incorrectly treat the program as potentially dangerous or block the IsoBurner tool from being creating a bootable environment. Contact your AV vendor to eliminate the problem.
- If your target CPU does not support 64-bit mode, contact our tech. support to get the 32-bit compatible version.

Technical support
The product includes one year of free updates and lifetime support/maintenance.

An unregistered version of Reset Windows Password shows only first 3 characters of the found passwords and has some functional limitations. In particular, only hash dump is working. After the program is purchased, you'll get:

  • Registration key that eliminates all limitations of the DEMO version
  • One year of free support, lifetime maintenance and updates
  • Personal confidential help in solving out passwords recovery problems

The software is available in three editions: Light, Standard and Advanced. The detailed list of features for each edition is available here.


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