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Wireless Password Recovery 3.7.1
Support for NVidia Pascal GPUs
Windows Password Recovery v10.3
New modules for extracting Active Directory passwords
Wireless Password Recovery 3.7.0
Support for new AMD GPUs
Reset Windows Password v6.1
New plaintext password recovery attack, Support for Windows Server 2016 TP4, etc.

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Peter, 13:30:42 12.02.2010 Rating: 0 #1


Take a look at dpapick.com. They claim they have invented a tool for offline decoding data encrypted with DPAPI.
Passcape_Admin, 13:51:26 12.02.2010 Rating: 0 #2


Seems that the guys reinvent the wheel. We have been using 'offline DPAPI decoder'  in our products since 2005. The DPAPI recovery engine itself had been written in 2003.
The presentation they give is incomplete and buggy. I'm disappointed.
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